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Professional landscape design in Hebron CT

Having a beautiful and practical outdoor living area in Hebron CT is essential to improve your quality of life. Imagine arriving at your perfectly designed driveway, walking through the stone pathway to reach the pond in your backyard, and enjoying the rest of the day with your family outside. With landscape design in Hebron CT, you can have the best possible outdoor living area.

Why get a landscape designer in Hebron CT?

Many people prefer to take the DIY ("Do it yourself") landscaping route, and they decide to follow the latest online trends or tutorials. Though DIY landscaping projects have their advantages, they also have pitfalls. To avoid such pitfalls, and maximize your outdoor space, getting a landscape designer in Hebron CT might be your best option.

Knowledge & expertise

With landscaping professionals, you don't have to worry about the details of the project. You can share your ideas and get exactly what you want, without the struggle of figuring out the best way to do things. Since every property is different, it will be hard for you to find the exact DIY steps.

Save time

Also, when you have a professional landscape design in Hebron CT, such as the Birch Mountain Earthworks pros, they can help you with the entire planning to maximize your outdoor living area functionality while creating a beautiful space. You won't need to worry about finding the solutions by yourself.

Avoid common mistakes

DIY landscaping projects are filled with pitfalls, such as following trends that will be over soon, buying the wrong material, not having the right tools, and many more. With landscape designers by your side, you don't have to worry about any of that.

Increase value

With landscaping design at its best, your property's value can easily increase. Whether you are considering selling your home or just want to have that option for the future, a professionally designed outdoor living space might be precisely what you need.

What you need to know about landscaping in Hebron CT

Landscape design is the combination of two main components, human-made elements, and natural ones. When these two elements meet outdoors in perfect balance, you will see landscaping at its absolute best.

The human-made elements are known as hardscaping, and the natural aspects of landscape design are referred to as softscaping.

  • When we consider softscape components, it usually refers to natural privacy screens, topsoil, mulch, and many other horticultural items. On the other hand, hardscaping can encompass:
    • Streams, falls and ponds (water features)
    • Stone walls, boulder walls, quarry stone walls, and interlocking concrete walls
    • Driveway installation for parking and storage
    • Patios, such as concrete patios, natural stone patios, and paver patios.
    • Drainage systems and excavations

High-quality landscaping services in Hebron CT

When it comes to landscaping services in Hebron, nothing compares to Birch Mountain Earthworks. It's been around for over 20 years, and it's the go-to landscape design company in Hebron CT and around Connecticut.

At Birch Mountain Earthworks, LLC, we offer all landscape services, from minimal improvements and maintenance, to complete yard renovations.

Among the landscape services in Hebron, CT provided by Birch Mountain Earthworks are:

  • Landscaping projects including development from planning to execution
  • Outdoor living space solutions, specifically for your needs (patios, firepits, stonework)
  • Property improvements with driveways, walkways, walls, grading, steps, stoops and stairs
  • Water features and poolscapes to next-level outdoorsy enhancements

Check out some of our landscaping projects with before and after photos!

Where to get landscaping materials in Hebron CT

If you have decided to take on DIY landscaping projects because you already know what you want and how to do it, that's wonderful. A considerable part of what makes DIY landscaping adventures work is the quality of the material. Higher quality can help you improve the overall results.

At Birch Mountain Earthworks, you can find all the landscaping material you need with the highest quality.

  • Concrete pavers, popular choice nowadays that can be easily installed.
  • Many types of mulch and topsoil to improve soil quality.
  • Landscaping stones, such as bluestones, quarry stones, stone dust, and more at the best possible prices and quality.
  • Boulders, beautiful large stones that will look incredible.

Birch Mountain Earthworks - The best landscape designer in Hebron CT

Since it started, back in 1999, Birch Mountain Earthworks has been one of the top landscaping services in Hebron CT. Your dream yard can become a reality with the help of your landscaping experts.

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