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Landscaping & Construction Stone Delivery in CT

Stone Delivery Services in Connecticut

There are many options of landscaping stone here in CT. Two main categories are landscape stone and stone for the purpose of construction related projects. The landscape stone is structural typically however it is used typically in landscape beds or a topping of a driveway. The construction stone is usually used for drainage, bases to driveways, walks and patios as well as shed bases and many other projects in CT.

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River Rounds

2"- 5" rounds are a popular choice for landscape beds

3/8" Minus CT Natural Stone

¾” CT Natural Stone

CT Natural River Stone 1.25”


Processed Gravel

Processed Gravel is a great material for a driveway, patio or walkway base. Our material has a DOT spec and has great structure.

¾” Processed Gravel
Processed Gravel 1.25”

Crushed Stone

Crushed stone can be used as a shed base, driveway and is also great for drainage projects here in CT. It is angular in shape and locks together as opposed to a landscape stone that typically has more rounded edges.

¾” Trap Rock (crushed stone)
Trap Rock 1.25” (crushed stone)

Stone Dust

Stone dust is typically used as a leveling material here in CT. Although processed gravel is recommended for walkway bases, stone dust is sometimes used for small non-essential garden pathways and walks.

Stone Delivery

For local delivery of stone in CT we can bring up to 18 yards of stone per trip for your landscape, construction or garden project. Typically delivery can be arranged for the same or next day delivery. During busy times, the wait time may be longer but we do our best to get everyone their stone as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind for the delivery of the stone we do need a relatively flat open space. It is also important that there are no overhead wires or branches so that the dump body can be raised safely to deliver the stone to your jobsite.

Stone Pick-Up

For those who have their own truck and or trailer pick up is available. The smallest bucket we have is a ½ yard bucket. Please know the ability of your vehicle so that is not overloaded. We always suggest calling ahead before stopping in. Our drivers also are the loader operators. There are busy times where the loader operators are doing deliveries and may not be available to load pick up customers.

How much stone do I need and how do I figure out what I should be putting down?

It can be very easy to figure out how much stone to get. Simply measure the areas you are planning to install stone onto and use our MATERIALS CALCULATOR to help calculate what you need.


Don’t forget to measure the areas and use our MATERIALS CALCULATOR to figure out how much stone you need. If you need help with any other questions please do not hesitate to call and we are glad to help with your project. Click here to use our materials calculator

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Landscaping Material Delivery in CT

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Landscaping Material Delivery in CT
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