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Landscape design & materials in Farmington CT

With landscape design, you can make the most out of your outdoor living area in Farmington CT. Your front yard and backyard have the potential to be absolutely gorgeous while being functional. There's no reason to sacrifice looks for practicality or vice-versa. You can have it all when it comes to landscape design in Farmington CT. When your landscaping is on point, coming home will be the best part of your day, not only to get another glance at your magnificent front yard but also to enjoy some quality time in your backyard living area.

What is landscape design?

When architecture meets garden and culture meets nature, we get landscape design. This art form serves us to create outdoor living areas that combine natural elements with functional human-made components. Based on design principles, the goal of a landscape designer in Farmington is to develop aesthetically pleasing and practical outdoor areas. Landscape design can be divided into two main elements, hardscaping, and softscaping. Hardscaping relates to all the human-made parts of landscaping, while softscaping encompasses its living, natural, components.


Some of the most popular hardscaping installations are:

  • Patio projects, from concrete and paver patios to natural stone designs
  • Natural looking water features with streams, falls and ponds.
  • Walkways, fire pits, and driveways with parking and storage area.
  • Interlocking concrete walls, natural stone walls, boulder walls, and quarry stone walls.

Also, hardscaping can refer to excavations, including grading and drainage systems, as well as poolscapes development and more.


Softscaping comes into play when you want to make a lively outdoor area. Examples of softscaping are:

  • Planting and nurturing the soil.
  • Choosing plants, flowers, and trees.
  • Lawn installations
  • Planting beds creation including privacy screens.
  • Landscape renovation (i.e., overgrown shrubs removal)

The ultimate landscaping goal is to find the perfect balance between hardscape and softscape to create a functional and gorgeous outdoor living area. With Birch Mountain Earthworks, you can get a team of professional landscape designers to do all of these landscape design services in Farmington CT.

When to hire landscape design services in Farmington CT?

If your outdoor area is not living up to its potential, doesn't bring you joy when you get home or simply isn't up to par in comparison to the rest of your house, it might be time to get a landscape designer in Farmington CT.

Also, you might consider hiring a landscape designer in Farmington CT when you want to:

  • Increase real estate value of your property
  • WOW your guests and neighbors
  • Add long-term value to your home with timeless designs
  • Avoid costly DIY pitfalls and rookie mistakes

When you have a landscape designer in Farmington CT, it's much easier to plan and adapt the project to your reality. Landscaping experts can design a space that suits your needs and looks amazing.

Landscaping services in Farmington CT

When it comes to professional landscaping design, Birch Mountain Earthworks is second to none. Regardless of the size of the project, however big or small, our landscape experts at Birch Mountain Earthworks can handle it.

Depending on the outdoor area, you might require landscaping contractors in Farmington CT for different services, for example:

  • Initial concept for landscaping projects
  • Landscape planning
  • Hardscaping construction
  • Outdoor living installations
  • Landscaping renovations

Birch Mountain Earthworks provides it all.

From an entire outdoor living area design to the renovation of your driveway, and everything in between, having experienced landscape designers by your side is a huge asset.

Landscaping materials in Farmington CT

Another vital element of landscaping is high-quality landscaping materials. Without quality, your landscape will end up looking nothing like you envisioned. Or, it might look okay at first, but it won't last long, and you'll have to do it all over again.

At Birch Mountain Earthworks, we offer a wide selection of landscaping materials in Farmington at affordable prices, such as:

  • Stones (Bluestone, regular, quarry, fieldstone and so on)
  • Stone Dust
  • Crushed stone in ¾” and 1.25” sizes
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Boulders
  • Mulch (various types)
  • Topsoil (screened in a Trommel topsoil screener)

Learn more about the landscaping materials available in Farmington CT from Birch Mountain Earthworks.

Birch Mountain Earthworks - Landscape designer in Farmington CT

Since 1999, Birch Mountain Earthworks has been one of the top landscaping services in Farmington CT. With our experienced landscaping designers, your dream yard can become a reality.

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