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Landscaping in Marlborough CT

Landscape design can completely transform your home. Your outdoor living area is the first thing you see when you get home, which is why it's vital to have an inspiring front yard that makes you happy when you arrive. By the same token, your backyard could be one of the best places for quality family time. Landscaping in Marlborough CT is what you need to bring your front yard to life while creating a functional and fantastic backyard.

DIY landscaping vs. Landscape designers - Marlborough CT

A common question around landscaping is whether to go for a "Do it yourself" solution (DIY) or hire landscape designers. The answer usually depends on the goals behind the landscaping project, among other things, but both routes have perks.

One advantage of a DIY project is that you might be able to save some money. That being said, most landscaping projects might be better off with professional landscape designers in Marlborough CT, because the chances of something going wrong and you having to spend even more money later are huge.

Also, DIY landscaping requires you to put in a lot of time and effort. That's why many of these projects end up halfway done for years to come. Meanwhile, with landscape designers, you can rest assured the job will get done.

Other advantages of hiring landscape designers in Marlborough are:

  • You can count on the professional's expertise to make the best decisions concerning your space, budget, and desires.
  • They already have the tools and materials necessary to complete the job.
  • Landscape designers can see the full potential of your yard and help you maximize its functionality.
  • Experts can work to increase the property value to help you turn key if needed.

Time is one of our greatest assets, and hiring landscaping professionals in Marlborough CT might be one of the best ways to save yours.

What you should know about landscaping in Marlborough CT

Landscaping is a combination of horticultural knowledge and artistic design. It's the art behind making outdoor living areas beautiful and, yet functional. In essence, landscape design can be divided into two main parts, hardscaping, and softscaping.


The first landscaping component, known as hardscaping refers to every human-made elements. Even though the materials can come from natural sources, still you won't find any living element in hardscaping.

Common hardscaping installations are:

  • Patio projects, made with concrete, paver, or natural stones.
  • Pathways, driveways with storage and parking areas or fire pits.
  • Water features, such as streams, falls, and ponds.
  • Interlocking concrete walls, boulder walls, natural stone walls, or quarry stone walls.
  • Excavations, including grading and drainage systems.


Opposite to hardscaping, are all the horticultural, living elements of landscape design, known as softscaping.

Some components and projects of softscaping that can make your outdoor living area lively are:

  • Lawn installations
  • Nurturing the soil
  • Selecting plants, flowers, and trees
  • Planting bed creation for privacy screens
  • Landscape renovation and maintenance

It's vital to strike a balance between hardscaping and softscaping to achieve the best possible results with landscaping in Marlborough CT. Too much hardscape elements will take away the outdoorsy feel and overdoing the horticultural components will miss the mark on functionality. The goal should be achieving perfect balance.

Essential landscaping services in Marlborough CT

If you were looking for landscaping services in Marlborough CT, look no further. Regardless of the landscaping project, whether it's just a minor issue or a massive renovation, the experts at Birch Mountain Earthworks can help.

Birch Mountain Earthworks has been the go-to landscaping service in Marlborough CT and around Connecticut for over 20 years. Our team can get the landscaping project started with you from initial concept to development, as well as take on construction, installation, and renovation of your outdoor living space.

Among our landscaping services in Marlborough CT, you'll find:

  • Water features design
  • Patios development (concrete, paver, stone)
  • New lawn installation
  • Yard expansion
  • Driveways with storage and parking
  • Retaining walls
  • Excavation and drainage work
  • Privacy screens creation with planting beds
  • Landscape renovation or maintenance

Where to find landscaping materials in Marlborough CT

Sometimes, homeowners already know exactly what they want and how to get it done. If that's your case and you're ready to start your DIY landscaping project, it's important to find high-quality landscaping material in Marlborough CT. Without it, even if you do a perfect job, the installations might not last long.

At Birch Mountain Earthworks, you have access to landscaping material of the highest quality at affordable prices. We have a wide range of landscaping materials in Marlborough CT, such as:

  • Mulch and topsoil (screened in a Trommel topsoil screener)
  • Mulch and topsoil (screened in a Trommel topsoil screener)
  • Stone Dust and crushed stone in different sizes
  • Concrete Pavers and Boulders

Check out all the landscaping materials available in Marlborough CT.

Birch Mountain Earthworks - The landscape designers you need in Marlborough CT

Founded in 1999, Birch Mountain Earthworks quickly became one of the top landscape design services in Connecticut. Our team of landscaping professionals are highly regarded and have delivered countless incredible landscaping projects in Marlborough CT and around Connecticut.

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