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Landscape design in East Granby CT

Where we live has a direct impact on the quality of our lives. Your front yard has a significant role in how you and others perceive your house. Landscaping design in East Granby CT can put your home in a whole new light, especially when you combine a well-designed front yard with a beautiful and equipped backyard.

Why should you get a landscape designer in East Granby CT?

Most people want to have an outdoor living area that is practical and yet, gorgeous. They wonder whether it is better to hire a landscape designer in East Granby CT or take on a DIY (Do it yourself) landscaping project.

Though a DIY project can, in some cases, save you some money, it will cost you time — a lot of it. But if you manage to cross the finish line on your DIY project, that will be a great, and rare, accomplishment. In most cases, however, people end up spending much more money and time than they predicted.

Amongst its many advantages, hiring a landscape designer in East Granby CT helps you:

Save time

Once you have decided how you want your project to look like, the professional landscape designers at Birch Mountain Earthworks already know how to get the job done. Plus, they have all the tools and landscaping materials necessary, so you don't need to worry about anything.

Increase property value

When you have a professionally designed outdoor space, the way people perceive your property changes. It adds a lot of value to it, which means if you plan on selling your property, you might get more than you expected. Even if you don't plan on selling it, it still increases the value of the house and the neighborhood.

Get the best possible outdoor living area

While DIY landscaping projects are based on trends that quickly disappear, professional landscape designers in East Granby can help you create an outdoor space that remains beautiful, modern, and functional for years to come. Plus, they have many ideas up their sleeves that allow you to visualize the full potential of your property.

Both DIY landscaping projects and professional landscape design have their advantages. The decision of which is best for you will depend on the project you have in mind, how much time are you willing to allocate to the task and your budget.

Essential elements of landscaping in East Granby CT

When you see an eye-catching outdoor living area that combines stone elements such as pathways, fire pits or patios, with trees, plants, and flowers, you're looking at landscape design. Landscaping is all about bringing beauty and functionality to your outdoor space.

Landscape design is divided into two main components, known as hardscaping and softscaping.


This component refers to all the human-made landscaping elements. For instance, a natural stone patio qualifies as hardscaping, since there are no living elements present and it has to be built.

Among many examples of hardscaping are:

  • Concrete or paver patios
  • Driveway installations, parking, and storage.
  • Excavations, drainage systems, and water features
  • Boulder walls, stone walls, and interlocking concrete walls


Opposite to hardscaping, softscaping encompasses all the living elements of landscape design, from trees and plants to natural privacy screens and lawns.


Opposite to hardscaping, softscaping encompasses all the living elements of landscape design, from trees and plants to natural privacy screens and lawns.

Here are some of the many projects you can encounter related to softscaping:

  • Lawn installations and soil nurture
  • Choosing plants, flowers, and trees
  • Natural privacy screens

The key to achieving the best possible landscaping design in East Granby CT is to strike the perfect balance between the two elements.

Landscaping services in East Granby CT

When you are looking for a landscaping service in East Granby CT, finding the right match for you and your property is vital. Experience plays a massive role and should be factored into your decision. Birch Mountain Earthworks, for example, has been the go-to landscaping service in Connecticut for over 20 years.

The landscaping design experts at Birch Mountain Earthworks are ready to help you with any outdoor project, for example:

  • Yard expansion with lawn installation
  • Drainage work, excavations or renovations
  • Driveways, patios and retaining walls
  • Water features, privacy screens, and much more.

Find landscaping material in East Granby CT

The quality of the landscaping material can make or break any project. At Birch Mountain Earthworks, we work with our own material which helps us ensure the highest possible quality. The landscaping supply available can also come in handy if you decide to take on a DIY landscaping project. With high-quality material, finishing your project will be much easier.

At Birch Mountain Earthworks, you can find any landscaping material you need for your project from stones and boulders to topsoil and much more.

Birch Mountain Earthworks - Landscaping in East Granby CT

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