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Professional Landscaping in Canton CT

Landscape design is, by far, the best way to make your property stand out in Canton, CT. Do you want to be welcomed every day by a beautiful front yard? Or maybe you would like to kick back and relax in your gorgeous backyard while your property's value increases. Either way, landscaping in Canton CT is what you need.

Why get a landscape designer instead of DIY landscaping in Canton CT?

A professional landscape designer can transform your outdoor living area, creating an amazing, and yet, functional space. Landscaping experts can visualize the potential of your property and change it within your budget. Since they already have the right tools and materials, it's much easier for them to get the job done than taking on a "Do it yourself" landscaping project.

Another advantage of hiring landscape designers in Canton CT is when you want to increase the value of your property to turn key. When you give your outdoor living area a professional makeover, buyers will be much more interested.

The possible advantage of DIY landscaping might be that, at times, you can save some money. If you already know precisely what you want and you have the tools necessary, then all you need are high-quality landscaping materials in Canton CT.

But, you could end up with an unfinished project that takes you forever to get done, or worse, you could spend way more money fixing unforeseen difficulties.

A landscape designer in Canton CT is your best bet when it comes to cost-effective and timely outdoor projects.

Essentials of landscaping in Canton CT

Even when you hire a landscaping company in Canton, knowing the basics of landscape design can be helpful. It allows you and your landscape designer to speak the same language.

Landscape design is based on artistic principles and horticultural knowledge. The goal is to create outdoor living areas that look aesthetically pleasing while being functional.

The two main elements of landscaping are:

  • Hardscaping
  • Softscaping


All the living elements used in landscape design, such as lawns, soil, trees, and so on, are part of softscaping.

Softscape projects typically refer to:

  • Installing lawns and nurturing the soil
  • Choosing the best plants, flowers, and trees
  • Creating natural privacy screens
  • Landscape renovation and outdoor maintenance

Landscaping at its best is found when hardscaping and softscaping achieve a perfect balance, along with aesthetics and functionalities.

Landscaping services in Canton CT

When looking for landscaping services in Canton CT, make sure the landscape designers can bring your vision to life. Birch Mountain Earthworks has been at the top of the landscaping industry in Canton CT and all around Connecticut for more than 20 years.

Our team of landscaping experts is always ready to take on new projects, however big or small. The experience we've gathered over the years allows us to take on projects focused on construction, installations, renovations of outdoor living areas, and much more.

Our team can take projects from initial concept to development with the highest possible quality within your budget. Here are some of the projects Birch Mountain Earthworks professionals have taken over the years:

  • Yard expansion and wall retention
  • Excavations and drainage work
  • Driveways with or without storage
  • Lawn installations
  • Water features, patios, and firepits
  • Stone walls and natural privacy screens
  • Outdoor renovations

Landscaping materials in Canton CT

If you already have your project mapped out and you want to give DIY landscaping a try, that's fantastic. One of the secrets to a great project is the quality of your landscaping material. When you purchase subpar supplies, the results will show, even if you did a great job.

Therefore, it's vital to choose the right material for landscaping in Canton CT when preparing for your outdoor project. At Birch Mountain Earthworks, you can find high-quality landscaping material at affordable prices.

At Birch Mountain Earthworks, amongst other things, you can find:

  • Stones: bluestone, regular stone, quarry, crushed stone in ¾" and 1.25" sizes, and fieldstone.
  • Pavers and boulders
  • Stone Dust
  • Mulch in a variety of choices
  • Topsoil – screened in a Trommel topsoil screener

Birch Mountain Earthworks - The best landscape designers in Canton CT

Each project is unique and tailored to each client. Since 1999, the landscape designers at Birch Mountain Earthworks have been delivering fantastic landscaping projects in Canton CT and all around Connecticut. We can't wait to get started on yours.

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