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Landscaping Design & Materials in Tolland CT

In Tolland CT, a home is only complete when the outdoor living space is as inviting and stunning as it could be. Landscape design in Tolland, CT can make your house stand out, wow your visitors and put a smile on your face every time you arrive home.

It can be quite a challenge to take on landscaping on your own, not to mention time-consuming. Since time is of the essence, why not get a trustworthy landscape contractor in Tolland, CT instead? Birch Mountain Earthworks can help you with all your landscaping service needs.

Why do you need a Tolland CT Landscape design service?

Apart from the challenges of doing landscape on your own, one of the main reason to hire landscape contractors in Tolland, CT is to make sure you get the best possible outdoor living space. Imagine having an area that, not only looks amazing and makes your house stand out amazing, but also delivers you the functionalities you've been hoping for.

The landscape designers at Birch Mountain Earthworks in Tolland Ct, backed up by years of experience, can create fantastic outdoor living spaces. When it comes to landscaping, their knowledge in design fundamentals and outdoor aesthetics play a massive role.

What you should know about landscaping - Tolland, CT

If you want an outdoor living space that you can be proud of, knowing the basics of landscaping is crucial. It can help you discover what you want in your backyard and, what you don't want. Most importantly, it allows you to work together with the landscaping contractors in Tolland CT to guarantee you the best outcome.

Though there are endless possibilities when we talk about landscaping, it can be split between two main segments - hardscaping and softscaping.


This landscaping term refers to all the human-made materials used in landscape design. In other words, all non-living elements used in landscaping. Hardscaping can relate to:

  • Brick patios, paver patios, interlocking concrete patios and natural stone
  • Stone walls, boulder walls, quarry stone walls and interlocking block walls
  • Steps and stair cases
  • Ponds, streams and waterfalls
  • Grading including drainage systems
  • Driveways and access to your home including parking areas or storage
  • Excavation work including bobcat work, bulldozer work, trucking and more

Usually, hardscaping includes the use of concrete, brick, stone, wood, or metal.


Softscaping is essential to excellent landscaping design. Contrary to hardscaping, it refers to all the living horticultural elements of landscape design. Softscaping includes the soil, plants, flowers and, all the care that goes into growing them. A new lawn installation can also be a part of the softscape as well as provide your family with a new area of entertainment.

Tolland CT Landscaping at its best

When you combine extensive knowledge and creativity in both areas, hardscaping, and softscaping, you get perfect harmony. Looking at your outdoor living space becomes an experience in it and of itself.

Landscape design services in Tolland CT

At Birch Mountain Earthworks, LLC, we provide landscape services from minor enhancements to complete yard makeovers.

Here are a few of the many landscape services we provide in Tolland CT:

  • Creative landscape design, from planning to execution
  • Outdoor living space solutions, such as patios, firepits, and kitchens
  • Living area improvements with stone walls, driveways, walkways and stairs
  • Water features and poolscapes to enhance your property

When it comes to our landscaping services, our before and after shots speak for themselves. Check out some of our landscaping projects here!

Landscaping material in Tolland CT

If you are a DIY landscape kind of person, Birch Mountains Earthworks can provide you with high-quality materials at affordable prices. Among the landscaping materials we use and deliver in Tolland CT, you can find:

  • Concrete pavers, which are extremely popular nowadays and can be easily installed.
  • Mulch to improve the quality of the soil and help plants thrive.
  • Topsoil to retain nutrients in the soil for your landscape plants.
  • Our screened topsoil available for delivery in Tolland CT is also great for new lawns.

Landscaping stones in Tolland CT for delivery or installation:

  • Landscaping stone and wall stone at the best possible prices and quality.
  • Boulders, which are beautiful large stones that create a breathtaking landscape.
  • Bluestone, an iconic natural stone environmentally sustainable.
  • Quarry stone, also natural and perfect for adding the final touches to a landscape project.

And much more. If you need any landscaping material delivery in Tolland CT, reach out to us here.

The best of landscape design services in Tolland, CT

Birch Mountain Earthworks was founded in 1999 and quickly became one of the top landscape contractors in Tolland CT and all around Connecticut. Our experienced professionals know how to bring out the best of each property and deliver landscape projects that give you the outdoor living space you desire.

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