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Professional Landscape Design in Somers CT

After a long day, there's nothing like going home, especially when you come back to a breathtaking front yard. Your outdoor living space can significantly impact your quality of life. When your outdoor area meets professional landscaping in Somers CT, you will see your property in a whole new light. More importantly, you will look forward to coming home every day.

Landscaping projects in Somers CT

When you drive around in Somers, and see a stunning front yard, with stonework and plants placed in harmony with the overall aesthetic, that's part of landscape design at its best.

One of the frequent questions we get asked as landscape designers in Somers CT is "Should I hire professional landscape designers or try to do it myself?" Though DIY (Do it yourself) projects are popular across many industries, when it comes to landscaping, they don't always work.

If you already know exactly what you want and you have the right tools, then a DIY landscaping project might save you some money. But, in most cases, DIY landscaping ends up costing more money later when the stumbling blocks begin to appear.

  • The expertise they bring to the table to make the best decisions concerning your vision, budget, and outdoor space.
  • They already have all the tools and materials necessary for the project
  • The ideas and concepts they can help you discover to increase the value of your property and help you turn key.

Most importantly, hiring landscape designers in Somers CT will give you a guarantee that the project will be done. DIY projects, on the other hand, tend to take a lot of time and end up unfinished.

Time is one of our greatest assets, so if hiring a landscape designer means you save your time while transforming your outdoor area, that's a huge win.

The fundamentals of landscaping in Somers CT

Whether you decide to hire professionals to take on your landscaping project or you choose the DIY path, it will come in handy to learn the fundamentals of landscape design. Design in itself is the combination of functionality and beauty.

When applied to landscaping, it means creating an outdoor living area that has a purpose and yet, looks phenomenal. To achieve such a result, landscape designers rely on two basic elements, hardscaping, and softscaping.

What is hardscaping?

The term hardscaping relates to all the human-made elements of landscape design, from boulder walls to concrete patios.

Some hardscaping installations that you might have seen around Somers CT are:

  • Boulder walls, stone walls, or interlocking concrete walls.
  • Concrete patios, paver patios or patios made of natural stones.
  • Pathways, driveways with storage and parking only.
  • Streams, falls, and ponds known as water features.
  • Excavations, grading, and drainage systems.

What is softscaping?

The other main element that landscape designers take into account is softscaping, which includes all of the living components of landscaping. All the plants, flowers, trees, soil, and lawn fall under this element.

Some of the most usual landscaping projects related to softscaping are:

  • Soil nurture and lawn installations
  • Selection of plants, flowers, and trees
  • Privacy screens installation
  • Landscape renovation and maintenance

The secret to having a fantastic outdoor living area is finding the perfect balance between both elements.

How to find landscaping services in Somers CT

When you look for landscaping services in Somers CT, make sure you find landscape designers that are experts in the business. For instance, Birch Mountain Earthworks has been one of the top landscaping services in Somers and around Connecticut for over twenty years. That is an excellent indicator of expertise.

The landscaping experts at Birch Mountain Earthworks can take on projects such as:

  • New lawn installations and water features designs
  • Patios development (concrete, paver, stone)
  • Yard expansions, excavations and drainage work
  • Driveways with storage and parking
  • Retaining walls, landscape renovations or maintenances
  • Privacy screens creation with planting beds

Check out many of our projects in the Gallery.

Get landscaping material in Somers CT

A key component of any successful landscaping project is the landscaping material. If you decide to do the landscaping yourself and your supply quality is subpar, the project won't work despite your best efforts. On the other hand, high-quality landscaping material can take your landscaping project to the next level.

If you are looking for high-quality landscaping material in Somers CT, Birch Mountain Earthworks is the right place for you. Here you can find:

  • Topsoil screened in a Trommel topsoil screener, lawn and mulch
  • Bluestone, regular stones, quarry stones, fieldstone, and more.
  • Stone Dust and crushed stone in multiple sizes
  • Boulders, and concrete pavers

Birch Mountain Earthworks - Landscaping in Somers CT

Since 1999, Birch Mountain Earthworks has been the go-to landscaping service in Somers CT and around Connecticut. Our team of landscaping professionals has delivered numerous eye-catching landscaping projects and we look forward to bringing your vision to life.

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